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Okay I have a room for rent in my house it is 10' by 17' and has its own private entry way. You have access to do Laundry, a shared bathroom with one other person. Kitchen access and use with your own fridge and use of the sun room and back yard patio area. We need someone in there soon so we are asking for $260 dollars bi weekly which is better than what the last room mate paid.. Its in casselberry on the corner of 17-92 and 436 on the prarier lake side! about 15 minutes from DOWNTOWN.

The 260 dollars every two weeks includes all that access listed above and also Internet, Water, and Satellite TV with Tivo. Electricity is also included but we do ask if it goes over 275 dollars you pay 10 percent of the electric bill.. Over the summer months the highest it got was 300 dollars, 10 percent is very reasonable. Since its coming into the winter months the bill will stay lower than the highest it got over the summer im sure.

Cats are Okay

We have two cats and two dogs living in the main part of the house. the cats you will never see the dogs you wont see if you are going to your bathroom, the laundry room *obviously staying in your own room* or out on the back patio. But going into the kitchen or sunroom they might come up to say hello if they feel like getting off the couch.

Please send me a message or contact me by cell phone 407-454-2658

PS you will be in a house with 3 gay men, we all tend to keep to our self and there is very little foot traffic through the main part of the house the two of us in the main part usually spend most our free time either alone or out on the weekends.

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Melissa are you going this year.. Im debating on wheather I want to miss a little bit of class for this.. I havent been in like a year or two and I want to check it out this year.
let me know ... and if you are did you get your tickets yet?
Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2005 6:41 pm Post subject: Ultra Music Festival 8 March 25 2006!! @ Bicentenial Park!!!


Ultra Music Festival 8

Bigger than Ever

More than 250 performances, djs, producers and performance artists
13 hours non-stop with 15 areas of sound, sight and wonder!!!

We are proud to announce that the UMF website has officially launched and tickets are now on presale. Check for more information.

Additions have been made to this year's line up...

The Prodigy Live
Paul Oakenfold w/ Live Orchestra
Carl Cox
Hernan Cattaneo
Nic Fancuilli
Benny Benassi
Erick Morillo
Richie Hawtin
Danny Howells
Sander Kleinenberg
Josh Wink
Bad Boy Bill
DJ Dan
Baby Anne vs. Jen Lasher
Seb Fontaine
Chris Liebing
Adam Beyer
Christian Smith
Marco Carola
Donald Glaude
Mistress Barbara

More artists just announced:

Infected Mushroom Live
Paul Van Dyk
Josh Wink
Perry Farrell
Harry "Choo Choo" Romero
Jorge Jamarillo
Southern Sun Live
Johnny Dangerously
Deekline and Wizard Live

Adam F
Shy FX
DJ Craze
DJ Zinc
AK 1200
Lemon D and Dillinja

Ultra Interactive:
Artist signing tent/Meet and Greet
Ultra Village Bizarre
Echo Village

Carry On
the only offical UMF afterparty
at the American Airlines Arena

VIP Packages:

Ultra 8 VIP tickets w/ General Admission Tickets for the Carry On Available!!!
Ultra 8 VIP tickets w/ Carry On VIP tickets available!!!
Carry On VIP tickets available!!!

Presale Tickets are going fast! SO don't wait grab your tickets today at WWW.ULTRAMUSICFESTIVAL.COM

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New years resolutions...

I've never made new years resolutions before. I've always figured they were kind of pointless, but this year Im going to try it out.. try something new. I figured making a few goals for the year couldnt hurt.. and it wouldn't hurt at all if I accomplished them..

resoultion #1 : I want to drop a few pounds. Recently while shopping for pants I've had to get size 32s.. I've never had to wear 32s before and it's freaking me out a little. I've worked harder then most people think to maintain my weight and since ive been on methadone ive gained some poundage. My father has also mentioned to me a couple of times in the last 2 weeks that ive put on some weight which im not happy about. Sure its okay for some people to be a size 32, but not me!

#2 : finishing school. Most people know Im starting school again on the 10th of jan. Last few times i've tried this I've ended up not finishing for personal reasons. I always find personal reasons but this type of school is something im really interested in and i've been blessed with having more then one oppertunity to attend something like this so I want to do my best.

#3 After finishing school at the end of the year I want to find a job, something that I can apply what I've learned in school. I dont want to be stuck in a cube the rest of my life fearing that just anyother person will take my job. I like the idea of having being specialized in something . I dont want to really work in a salon.. There are tons of options with what im doing so ill decide this year where I really want to go with it and persue it.

#4 : I want to stay away from people that are going to have a negative impact on me.. For those of you who think Im talking about people I used to do drugs with you may have something coming to you. I dont want to be around negative people. Anyone who thinks they are going to act condesending towards me or doesnt have faith in what im doing. I want to hang around "yes men" bobble heads for awhile to boost my positive attitude.

#5 : since ive been sober I havent been depressed, so I want to maintain my sobriety. I'm a pretty happy person when im sober. Not as cynical. Drugs have caused most of my depression. Sure I was depressed before I started doing drugs but I was also a pre teen so its kind of normal. I dont want to waste my time with poor little me, i want to dig a hole and die anymore.

#6 I want to stay positive for other people. I know I cant save the world. I also know I have my own baggage and its not a good idea to help save others while you're in the process of saving your self. But I can lead by example. and stay positive for them.

anyway those are some written resolutions that Ill hopefully keep in 2006. wish me luck people.

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Tonight at 5:30 i'm meeting crystal at her new apartment. Im excited! I haven't seen her in forever!

I want to go get more school clothes but im going to wait til I go to crystal's to see if she wants to go to the mall with me.

Methadone clinic is always an adventure

This morning while waiting in line at the methadone clinic there was a little irate spanish fellow who apparently has been living in his car with his girlfriend. They wanted to do intake at the clinic but couldnt because the Dr wont be back for a week. He left in a huff, 5 minutes later his girlfriend came in crying hysterical trying to get help. It was kind of sad, but there was nothing they could do beside direct them to the ER at South seminole. This time of year everyone trys to get on methadone cause when you're living in your car and its cold out you cant stand to be sick for a second.

Almost everyday at the clinic I run into someone I know, Wheather it be someone I used to buy dope off of or someone who I used to hustel with and do drugs. Today I ran into jamies fiancee.. Well ex fiancee apparently. He wasn't addicted to dope but he was on disability from work and on every pain pill, patch, lollipop you could imagine. We talked for about 5 minutes and then I went home.

I was going to go to work with my cousin today, extra money always helps. But my brother is back from germany and he works with my cousin, and as most of you know I dont get along with my brother.. So I think im going to stay home and organize my closet since ive been clothes shopping like 3 or 4 times since before I went to NY and half of my shit is still in bags with tags on it. Yesterday I bought two pairs of cute black pants at hot topics half off. I need black clothing for school and they were very stylish.
They also made my ass look fantastic.. and a few weeks ago at aeropostale everything in the store was half off, so I took one of each. Ill probably end up going shopping again today. Anyone not work and want to come with?

I am not using these facts to not try my hardest to stop :)

“Many people try to stop taking heroin, but in a few months almost all of them go back to using the drug,” said Ivan Diamond, at the Ernest Gallo Clinic and Research Center in California, US, and one of the research team.
*view more here :

I also found the article on this page interesting
The Brain: The Origins of Dependence

*edit cause what I wrote here wasnt so nice*

WhatAbout2morrow (10:38:00 PM): i gave my car keys to my mom so I dont go buy heroin
Missing Musician (10:38:12 PM): good call
WhatAbout2morrow (10:38:48 PM): I dont want to buy it but i know later tonight when the M wears off completely I would probably drive out there and I have plenty of money which is a dangerous situation
Missing Musician (10:39:49 PM): if you don't want to, than don't...seems pretty logical
WhatAbout2morrow (10:40:45 PM): yeah but its not a logical thing
WhatAbout2morrow (10:40:57 PM): its like if you dont want to be addicted to heroin just stop..
WhatAbout2morrow (10:41:05 PM): omg why didnt I think of that.
WhatAbout2morrow (10:41:18 PM): Heroin changes your body chemistry though and unless you've expierenced it you cant explain it
Missing Musician (10:41:32 PM): I've done a fair share of research
WhatAbout2morrow (10:41:47 PM): have you dont heroin?
Missing Musician (10:41:53 PM): No.
WhatAbout2morrow (10:42:09 PM): hmmm
Missing Musician (10:42:14 PM): But I did a five page paper on it.
Missing Musician (10:43:30 PM): which means I haven't felt it but know a lot about it

Im curious as to what people on my friends list thoughts are on this... I thought this would be a good topic cause I know that just about all of you have such different views on it.

The entire idea of addiction.. I know most of you know someone who has been addicted to drugs or alcohol * not including me*

I know its not as easy as just stopping.. I've sat in enough treatment centers with lots and lots of people who have been addicted to drugs and alcohol for 30+ years.. everyones story is different but they all have the addiction in common.

Everyday I watch literally a hundred people wait in line to get their dose of methadone with out which they would be out on the street husteling to get a hit, selling sex, ripping people off, stealing, robbing, even killing to get high.

Ive seen a few people turn blue and after they come out of it, wheather it be getting out of the hospital or coming to in a bathtub the first thing they do is go get high.. is it cause they are stupid, is it because they didn't go to all their classes in high school...?

how powerful is addiction?

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Because of the holiday hours I wasnt able to get my methadone today... Wont be getting out of bed til tomorrow.. nobody ask me for shit *im back in florida*

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Despite the fact that i've called you many times, and wrote you we still didn't get to see each other while I was up here.. I know timing was bad, and tight. Will we at least get to see each other when you come to florida? Yesterday (friday) I went to your store on 78th and 3rd I asked this nice asian looking girl if you worked there and she said you did.. I asked her where the other store was and she told me she said to call you and I said I did. she said you were in class but youd be working at the 78th location that day. I asked what time but she was busy and I dont think she heard me and she went to help a customer.. so I left and went to 83rd and 3rd to use Jays computer. Your email said that you were working at the 42nd store location so I made my way to midtown I wasnt able to find that location and by then I had to meet up with my family.. Sorry I really wanted to say hi in person. Let me know when you're in florida maybe we can go get lunch. You'll be on location and I wont be working and if its before the 10th of jan I wont be in school either so hopefully with you being on vacation time we can make time to see each other..

Yesterday was nice I got into the city at 11:30, the subways were running so I took the W down to union Sq.. I saw my old teacher mrs V and it was just very nostalgic going back to the school. Then I jumped on the 4 express uptown where I met jason we hung out from about 12:30 til 2:30ish In that time I went to go see if beth was working.. I love spending time with jason, and I plan on coming up to spend more quality time with him in the spring when its warmer out. *and that should give him enough time to get reservations at a nice restaurant *hint hint* :P After I left there I got back on the 4 express to grand central where I took the 7 to 5th ave and B park to see if beth was working at the other store.. I couldnt find that store and so I had to meet up with my parents and walked to 50th and 6th to meet my parents at top of the rocks *which sucked it was the observation deck at the top of rockefellar center. I thought it was going to be a bar.. Am i crazy or does top of the rocks sound like the name of a bar! Anyway after that I went to st patricks cathedral and then I started walking down to 34t to go to macys with my parents and my aunt and uncle.. on my way down to 34th I got seperated from the group i was with when I passed a coach store. They had the messanger bag I wanted and I could have afforded it but I didnt get it. It was going to be in impulse by but being on te methadone im not very impulsive so when the sales man was helping me I chickened out and thought about what else I could spend all that money on that I was going to spend on that bag. I then met up with my parents again at starbucks still on our way to macys. I decided from starbucks I didnt want to go to macys and turned around and went to armani exchange didnt find anything there I wanted so I left and went to banana republic where I found a really cute camera bag I was going to get it was on sale for 30 bucks but the line was too long and My legs hurt too much so I put it back and went to go sit down out side of the rocks cafe in the concorse of the building.. about a half hour later the 35 memember party showed up at the restaurant. We ate and then I went home *got home at 12:30am* and crapped out totally...

Merry christmas eve everyone!

Jay next time im up can we pa pa pa palease go to union sq cafe ...

Hope everyone has a great holiday..

and Crystal you have every right to be with your family for christmas.. more of a right than debbie.. make her feel like the awkward one. You deserve to be there more than anyone.

Liza ive missed you so bad but I didnt want to make you feel bad by saying anything.. we can totally get together for diner when i get back in town.

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Tomorrow since the strike is over ill be going into the city on the 10:11 train.
Dont know what ill be doing * i know ill be going downtown* but thats it.. if anyone wants to meet up call me. Krystal Ill call you after 2 to see where you are so we can plan to meet up before you head back to jersey.